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Entry Screen

The Arena is a PvP tournament where participants battle for the top in a series of match ups. To begin the battle, tap the Arena button (icon with crossed swords to the left of the compass). A maximum of 10 participants are enrolled for 5 minutes, using the army set at the moment of application.

If a player leaves the arena before the start of the battle, he loses his entry fee.

Entry Fees Edit

Every tournament costs Energy energy and a number of coins, depending on what league the player is in:

  • Bronze League - Icon coins 1,000
  • Silver League - Icon coins 5,000
  • Gold League - Icon coins 10,000
  • Diamond League - Icon coins 15,000
  • Legendary League - Icon coins 25000

Process of Battle Edit

Arena screen2


The battle consists of several rounds (depends on the number of participants). Players will not see the battles, as they are calculated behind the scenes. The winner gets a star that appears under his nickname. The defeated gets a skull sign. The player who gathers most stars after all battles are over and whoever wins the final battle is declared the winner. After every round, all creatures in players' armies fully recover; the killed creatures are resurrected.

Opponent Matching Edit

Battles between participants are organized in the following way:

  1. Preliminaries: All contestants are divided into groups A and B, 5 and 5 players respectively. Each A player fights exactly 1 time against the other 4 A players. Same goes for group B. You can track that as by the end of round 5, each player will have 4 stars to 4 skulls.
  2. Two top players from A (A1 and A2) and B (B1 and B2) form a closed group.
  3. Semi-finals: A1 fights B2 to find Winner 1 and Loser 1. Likewise, B1 fights A2 to figure out W2 and L2.
    • in the lower pool, just one round takes place - battles for the 5th, 7th and 9th places.
  4. Finals: W1 fights W2, and L1 fights L2 respectively.
Arena screen3


Chat Edit

During the preparation and battle itself, Hunters can talk to each other through a game chat, its sign is located in the lower right corner of the arena screen. System messages concerning the arrival of new participants, battle results etc. are also displayed in the chat.

Rewards Edit

All participants are rewarded with at least 1 Mark of varying grades. 3rd place receives 2 marks, 2nd receives 3 marks, and 1st receives 5 marks.

Arena rewards can be found in the Event menu from the map screen.

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