Ds item bottle poison

Poison Jar

Artifacts are used as ingredients to make your creatures evolve. In order to trigger the evolution process you will need three different artifacts. The list of objects required for evolution can be found on the Evolve bar of the beast cards in the Home location. The artifacts provide the following information:

  • Name and description
  • The "Gain" button that moves you to a location with a chance of dropping the artifact
  • Rarity level
  • The "Buy" button that allows you to purchase a chest with a chance of dropping the artifact in the store.

Receiving Edit

There are three ways of receiving an artifact:

  • Receive Ds adventure item chest01chests while exploring and open them after completing the adventure;
  • Buy chests for Gemscrystals (go directly into the store or tap the "Buy" button on the artifact card);
  • Completing Daily Quests.

Rarity Edit

Ds item virgins tear

Virgin's Tear

The chance of an artifact dropping out of a chest depends on the object rarity level.
There are 4 levels of artifact rarity:

Common Common (С) — the highest chance of receiving
Uncommon Uncommon (UC) — high chance of receiving
Rare Rare (R) — low chance of receiving
Epic Epic (EP) — the lowest chance of receiving

Lists of Artifacts Edit

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