Common Common Artifacts

Ds item feathers A Tuft of FeathersDs item air cristal Air CrystalDs item amanita Amanita
Ds item old bones Ancient BonesDs item bat wing Bat WingDs item blade of light Blade of Light
Ds item edge of lies Edge of LiesDs item seacow milk Manatee MilkDs item quicksilver Mercury Fulminate
Ds item mirror of souls Mirror of SoulsDs item leaf Plantain LeafDs item bottle poison Poison Jar
Ds item holybook Prayer BookDs item predators canine Predator's FangDs item mercury Quicksilver
Ds item salt of earth Salt of the EarthDs item saltpeter SaltpeterDs item christmas hat Santa's Cap
Ds item pena Sea FoamDs item shovel ShovelDs item web Spider Web
Ds item sulfur SulfurDs item strawberry Wild Strawberry

Uncommon Uncommon Artifacts

Ds item birdfood Bird FoodDs item clot of darkness Blob of DarknessDs item blood chrystal Blood Crystal
Ds item christmas ball Christmas BaubleDs item corall Coral BranchDs item frank hand Dead Man Hand
Ds item demons larva Demon MaggotDs item passion emanation Effluence of PassionDs item elixir of ghosts Elixir of Dead Souls
Ds item fern flower Fern FlowerDs item foresolt Fire SaltDs item powder of flight Flying Powder
Ds item harpyfeather Harpy's FeatherDs item flurry hurricane Hurricane GustDs item egg Jay Egg
Ds item liquid fire Liquid FlameDs item lotus petals dew Lotus Petal DewDs item whores curl Meretrix' Lock
Ds item moon dust Moon DustDs item life power Power of LifeDs item ritual candles Ritual Candles
Ds item holy relics Sacred RelicsDs item skull SkullDs item snapdragon Snapdragon
Ds item soul of fire Soul of FireDs item spirit of secrets Spirit of the SecretDs item extract of sun Sun Extract
Ds item flame Tongue of FlameDs item virgins tear Virgin's Tear

Rare Rare Artifacts

Ds item frank heart Artificial HeartDs item atlas blood Atlas BloodDs item basilisk eye Basilisk Eye
Ds item bird milk Bird's MilkDs item pearl Black PearlDs item copperfeather Bronze Feather
Ds item bottle CadaverDs item dragon egg Dragon EggDs item elixir of power Elixir of Power
Ds item essence of darkness Essence of DarknessDs item exorcist cross Exorcist's CrossDs item forbidden knowledge Forbidden Knowledge
Ds item grain of happiness Grain of HappinessDs item fatharpy Harpy's GreaseDs item hippogriff crest Hippogriff Comb
Ds item invisibility potion Invisibility PotionDs item living brain Living BrainDs item mandrake Mandrake Root
Ds item mushroomjuice Mushroom JuiceDs item chaos orb Orb of ChaosDs item perpetuum Perpetuum Mobile
Ds item shadow Piece of ShadeDs item frank thorax RibcageDs item salamander tail Salamander Tail
Ds item seraphim pen Seraphic FeatherDs item phantom of victory Shade of VictoryDs item polyjuice Shapeshifting Potion
Ds item spark of reason Shimmer of IntellectDs item flash of hope Sparkle of HopeDs item firespirit Spirit of Fire
Ds item starlight StarlightDs item potion of death Water of DeathDs item potion of life Water of Life

Epic Epic Artifacts

Ds item pieceofsummer A Piece of SummerDs item aumakua AumakuaDs item destiny chalk Chalk of Destiny
Ds item dagon Dagon's SignDs item diablo machinations Devil's GameDs item dragons tooth Dragon Tooth
Ds item bone of earth Earth BoneDs item essence of abyss Essence of AbyssDs item wings Fairies' Wings
Ds item filth FilthDs item fluit Flute of SatyrDs item grace Grace
Ds item demonic key Key to Hell's GateDs item crystal of power Majesty CrystalDs item adonis Marsh Gilled
Ds item wonderfulpollen Marvelous Flower DustDs item frank brain Mechanical BrainDs item narval Narwhal's Tusk
Ds item mask Necromancer's MaskDs item halo NimbusDs item philosophers stone Philosophers' Stone
Ds item phoenix feather Phoenix FeatherDs item blood of prometeus Prometheus BloodDs item kecalkoatl Quetzalcoatl's Feather
Ds item pure angry Pure RageDs item trava RaskovnikDs item apple Rejuvenating Apple
Ds item sickle Ritual SickleDs item christmas bag Santa's BagDs item satan trident Satan's Trident
Ds item radiance of void Shining VoidDs item salomon ring Solomon's SealDs item heart Stone Heart
Ds item lava egg Tezcatlipoca's Flaming EggDs item trumpets of jericho Trumpets Of JerichoDs item unicorn horn Unicorn Horn
Ds item battle panties Valkyrie's Battle PantiesDs item vase Vessel of the LichDs item doll Voodoo Doll

Artifact by effect

Name Rarity Hp (%) Speed (%) Defence Damage (%) Skill
Blood Crystal Uncommon +2 +3
Mandrake Root Rare +2 +7
Predator's Fang Common +20

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