Battles are the main mechanic of the game. There are two stages of battle: tactical stage and the main stage. To initiate a battle the player needs at least 3 Energyenergy.

Tactical Stage Edit

Tactical stage

Tactical Stage

During the tactical stage, the player can set priority guidelines for attacking enemy units by tapping enemy images. Each tap adds one sword above the head of the creature. The number of swords suggests the order in which your army attacks the enemy. There is a greater chance that an enemy with 5 swords above the head will be attacked first, an enemy with 4 swords will be attacked second, and so on. Setting priorities is not a 100% guarantee that your attack will follow the selected order.

Boosters Edit

Before each battle you can buy boosters that increase your chances of winning. Boosters can be bought for coins or crystals. They are valid for the one fight. Currently 4 types of boosters are available:

  • +50% Health for Gems5
  • +50% Attack for Gems5
  • +50% Defense for Gems2
  • +1 Speed for Gems10

Main Stage Edit

To initiate the main battle stage, tap the Fight button. Now the battle will proceed automatically and the priority order of hits or skill usage will be determined by the stats of the creatures. The frequency of skills occurring depends on their level of development. In order to enhance the skills of your beasts you can use artifacts in the Home location.

Result Edit

The player wins a battle if all enemies are destroyed and the player has at least one creature alive. The player loses a battle if all his beasts are destroyed. The player receives Experience points and coin awards for every victory:.

See Also Edit

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