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...flock and fly together.

Birds of the Feather was an event dungeon that ran from May 6 - 12, 2016. The event contains 15 missions total, with a small number of missions opening opening each day. Those who pass the threshold of 5 or 10 or 15 missions will be rewarded.

Event Dungeon Edit

Birds of a Feather...

  1. The City of White
  2. The White Pathway
  3. The Slippery White Pathway - opens day 1
  4. Unnatural odors
  5. The Stench of Harpy
  6. The City of Red - opens day 2
  7. Bronze Daggers
  8. The Rain of Death - opens day 3
  9. The Fields of Stymphalia
  10. Montane Grasslands - opens day 4
  11. Mountain Peaks
  12. Midgard - opened day 5
  13. The Road to Valhalla -
  14. The Walls of Valhalla - opens day 6
  15. Tenochtitlan - opens day 7

Event Creatures Edit

Event Artifacts Edit

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