Were you looking for the dungeon Fairy Forest?
Map FairyForest


  1. Marsh Market
  2. Margin of Magic Forest
  3. Green Light
  4. Deadfall
  5. Darkwoodshire
  6. Tenebrose Narrow
  7. Magic Meadow
  8. ThicketBoss
  9. High Grass
  10. Grove of the AncientsBoss
  11. Shady Alleys
  12. Circle of the WiseBoss
  13. Streaming Mountains
  14. Path of LifeBoss
  15. Ancient Oaks
  16. Far HillsBoss
  17. Mushroom Meadow
  18. Pine WoodBoss
  19. Tenacious Branches
  20. Nightingale GroveBoss
  21. Lost Forest
  22. Home of Forest SpiritsBoss
  23. Beech Grove
  24. Holy GroveBoss
  25. Traces of Claws
  26. Last HopeBoss
  27. Shining Forest
  28. Fairy ForestBoss
  29. Damp Ravine
  30. The Temple of NatureBoss

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