Map TempleOfFire


  1. Red Stones
  2. Fire Cave
  3. Last Refuge
  4. Pile of Stones
  5. Digger's Work
  6. Fried Bacon
  7. Gloomy GorgeBoss
  8. Dark SideBoss
  9. Mist GateBoss
  10. Resin TorchesBoss
  11. Sea of SparksBoss
  12. Flaming Mountain
  13. City of Lava
  14. Fire ShattersBoss
  15. Hot AreaBoss
  16. Citadel of the Seers ConclaveBoss
  17. Hellfire
  18. Eternal UniversityBoss
  19. Devil's Retreat
  20. Hell Mines
  21. Wall of Fire
  22. Gate of HellBoss
  23. Salamandra's Hiding Place
  24. Sulfur Lakes
  25. The Palace of Ifrit
  26. Lucifer's HeaterBoss
  27. Flaming Trace
  28. MuspelmheimBoss
  29. The Cave of Surtr
  30. Moloch's Smithery

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