Collection screen

Collections view

Collections shows some possible evolution branches for the game creatures. When you upgrade your creatures and meet certain conditions, you will receive bonuses.

You can view the collections of creatures in the upper right corner of "Home" location.

Evolution Branches Edit

At first, images of all creatures are darkened. After you tame the soul of a creature, its image is highlighted, as long as that creature is in your group.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you evolve a creature to the next rarity level, you will lose the previous goal achieved, and you have to improve the same previous creature another time. In other words, to complete the collection line, you must have every single creature of the line at 100% of its improvement.

Hellish PoodleHellhoundCerberGarm Hellish Weiner Dog
Evil AngelSuccubusDemonessInferno BaronessDevilessDevil's Granma
ImpDickensIncubusSpirit of AngerArchdemonPrince of Gehenna
PiranhaAnglerfishHammerhead SharkLeviathanHippocampusJasconius
Black CatBlack PantherDark LionSphynxCheshirePuss in Boots
HuntressBerserkerSlayerNinja Slayer Queen
Naughty GirlWitchWoodoo WitchBaba Yaga's DaughterBaba Yaga's Walking Hut
WolfKing WolfWerewolfUpuautAnubisBig Bad Wolf
Marsh SnakeDragonsnakeKing CobraWyvernNagaKali
NewtMarsh PangolinBasiliskHydraThe Chaos HydraTyphon
SkeletonSkeleton WarriorSkeleton MageLichDeath KnightPoor Yorick
ApprenticeMedicasterSorcererArchmage Grimoire
Spirit of LightFairyForest FairyFairy QueenBumblebee Cat
Small AngelAngelArchangelCherubSeraphGuardian Angel
HarpyStymphalian BirdAlkonostValkyrieQuetzalcoatl

Stars Edit

You can get stars in following cases:

  1. Creature has fought in a battle in your troop; This grants you 20% towards completion.
  2. Creature has been upgraded to maximum; This grants another 40% towards completion.
  3. Creature's skill has been upgraded to maximum. The remaining 40% towards completion.

If a creature gets three stars, the player receives an award, which can be retrieved in the list of gifts in the Events menu. Stars are displayed under creatures' icons.

Awards for Three Stars Edit

Common - Icon coins 500
Uncommon - Icon coins 1000
Rare - Gems10
Epic - Gems50
Legendary - Gems100

Getting a Unique Creature Edit

After you have acquired all creatures in a certain evolution branch, as well as all stars belonging to this branch, you will get a new Unique Unique creature, which can be retrieved in the list of gifts in the Events menu. A unique creature comes with a set of awesome stats and is able to strengthen any army. It is impossible to get a unique creature in any other way.

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