Icon coinsCoins Edit

Main in-game currency. Required for, among other things, capturing souls, evolution and creature skills enhancement.

Receiving Coins Edit

Coins can be earned:

  • While exploring dungeons, as one of the random things found when opening a fragment of the stained-glass image
  • When you complete an location
  • When you defeat another player
  • When your character reaches the next level
  • From the store
  • Completing Daily Quests

GemsCrystals Edit

Crystals are the premium in-game currency. They are used to:

  • Capture creatures with 100% chance of success
  • Resurrect the character in case of death in dungeons
  • Buy additional beast slots

Receiving Crystals Edit

Crystals can be:

  • Received as a reward after completing Daily Quests
  • Received when your character reaches the next level
  • Bought in the store
  • Received as a reward after acquiring stars during Collections gathering

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