Daily Missions are set of threes tasks that are generated once a day. To view the current mission, go to the main menu and select "Quest". A window opens, containing the following information:

  • End time for the current quest and start time for the next one
  • Three interim tasks and their progress
  • Award for successful quest completion.

Types of Tasks Edit

There are several types of tasks that are be randomly generated:

To complete a certain location a given number of times.
To defeat a certain creature a given number of times
To gather a given number of coinsIcon coins
To gather a given number of health potionsDs adventure item healing
To gather a given number of hearts Ds adventure item heart
To gather a given number of chests Ds adventure item chest01
To find a given number of certain artifacts
To Evolve a certain creature

After completing a task, a window will appear confirming that that part of the quest has been completed.

Rewards Edit

The player will receive varying rewards for completing the quest successfully and include:

After completing a mission, a new one will be assigned.

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