Evolution Line Edit

Evil Angel Evoarrow Succubus Evoarrow Demoness Evoarrow Inferno Baroness Evoarrow Deviless

Locations Edit

Fire Hellfire (17)
Dark Sullen Silence (18)
Fire Eternal University (18)
Chaos Sleepy Quarters (19)
Dark Moon and Cross (19)
Fire Devil's Retreat (19)
Chaos Troll Bridge (20)
Dark Vampire's Crypt (20)
Fire Hell Mines (20)
Chaos Light in the Window (21)
Dark Great Pyramid (21)
Fire Wall of Fire (21)
Chaos Slimy Grotto (22)
Dark Cold Ground (22)
Fire Gate of Hell (22)
Chaos Stone Bag (23)
Dark Gloomy Valley (23)
Fire Salamandra's Hiding Place (23)
Chaos Lost City (24)
Dark Endarkening (24)
Fire Sulfur Lakes (24)
Chaos Final Stop (25)
Dark Dead Kings Sleep (25)
Fire The Palace of Ifrit (25)
Chaos Underground Brook (26)
Dark Dark Outpost (26)
Fire Lucifer's Heater (26)
Chaos Thornhold's Warehouse (27)
Dark Frankenstein's Lab (27)
Fire Flaming Trace (27)
Chaos Endless Line (28)
Dark Thanatos's Patrimony (28)
Fire Muspelmheim (28)
Chaos Border Zone (29)
Dark Nilfhel (29)
Fire The Cave of Surtr (29)
Chaos Chaos Retreat (30)
Dark The Seat of Death (30)
Fire Moloch's Smithery (30)

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