Developer Orc Work
Publisher Zillion Whales
Genre RPG, CCG
Languages EN, ES, RU
Platform iOS, Android
Release date March 20, 2014

Dungeons of Evilibrium - is a mobile role-playing game with CCG (collectible card game) and PvP (player versus player) elements. The game requires a constant internet connection. The storyline is based upon the fight against evil forces, which break loose in the world called Mystland and begin enslaving its inhabitants. As a member of the ancient Order of Hunters, the player can free characters subject to evil influence and control their mind to fight for restoring the balance of forces in Mystland.


In order to progress through the game plot, the player needs to finish locations in a certain order. They are called – Dungeons. This is where you meet Creatures and other players which you must beat to move on.

At the very beginning of the game, the player obtains two creatures. They can earn experience in battles, reach new levels while improving their stats and evolve into new types of monsters. Later on, the player will increase the number and proficiency of their troops and will be able to take part in harder combats.

Battles have two stages. The player starts with a preliminary tactical stage setting target priorities. During the second stage, the battle proceeds in automatic mode. If the player wins the battle, he has an opportunity to obtain the soul of the defeated creature and add it to his army.

During adventures you can find chests containing different artifacts that allow you to enhance unique abilities of your beasts or make them evolve into more powerful creatures.

In addition, the game has a separate PvP mode.

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