It is more of an outpost on the border between scorched sands and fertile lands than a proper town. No one remembers now who built it and why, but every traveller heading for the desert stops here to make up their mind again — is it really necessary to enter this hell of a place swarming with desert creatures but without water? However, those having crossed the desert see the most wonderful thing they can imagine — water in such abundance that it can be used as fountains, just for the fun of it.

Enemies Edit

UncommonLight Angel
UncommonChaos Berserker
UncommonChaos Black Panther
UncommonNature Dragonsnake
UncommonNature King Wolf
UncommonNature Leprechaun
UncommonLight Medicaster
UncommonLight Spirit of Light

Artifacts Edit

Ds item old bonesCommon Ancient Bones
Ds item predators canineCommon Predator's Fang
Ds item strawberryCommon Wild Strawberry
Ds item fern flowerUncommon Fern Flower
Ds item snapdragonUncommon Snapdragon
Ds item soul of fireUncommon Soul of Fire
Ds item spirit of secretsUncommon Spirit of the Secret
Ds item potion of lifeRare Water of Life

Map Edit

Light Citadel of Light
On the HorizonSunny MeadowDwarves BridgeThornholdBStairway to HeavenElysiumBeyond BordersBeacon of the WorldBTrue ThroneFlow of LightAir IslandBriteBLight GuardiansAnarvilleBEmpyreal StrongholdSunny ValleyBStronghold of LightForces of LifeBLight SideAngels TempleBFairies' CityStronghold of HolinessChamber of the RighteousSnow-Covered TopsThe Seat of ElvesFirmamentBAscension PathwayAstral LimitThe Heavenly SpheresEmpyrean

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