This volcano has been erupting since the beginning of time. Nobody knows how exactly it is possible, and opinions vary. Some people say that this volcano is Hell's Gate; others believe that it is an alchemic furnace giving life to the world, or develop even more sophisticated theories. Torrents of lava stream down its slopes making the flaming mountain grow higher and higher all the time. No one lives on the mountain slopes, but its foot has become a shelter for the bravest and the craziest, and its bowels are home to all sorts of beasts. People have learnt to obtain high-quality metal from its lava, so the most significant industrial centre is also located right at the mountain foot.

Enemies Edit

RareFire Cerber
RareFire Demoness
RareFire Fire Elemental
RareFire Incubus
RareFire Phoenix
RareFire Young Firedragon
EpicFire Firedragon
EpicFire Garm
EpicFire Inferno Baroness

Artifacts Edit

Ds item predators canineCommon Predator's Fang
Ds item blood chrystalUncommon Blood Crystal
Ds item elixir of powerRare Elixir of Power
Ds item demonic keyEpic Key to Hell's Gate

Map Edit


Fire Temple of Fire
Red StonesFire CaveLast RefugePile of StonesDigger's WorkFried BaconGloomy GorgeBDark SideBMist GateBResin TorchesBSea of SparksBFlaming MountainCity of LavaFire ShattersBHot AreaBCitadel of the Seers ConclaveBHellfireEternal UniversityBDevil's RetreatHell MinesWall of FireGate of HellBSalamandra's Hiding PlaceSulfur LakesThe Palace of IfritLucifer's HeaterBFlaming TraceMuspelmheimBThe Cave of SurtrMoloch's Smithery

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