These gates lead into the depths of the Flaming Mountain. Every day hundreds of men and women enter them and come back in the evening carrying ore and new trophies. Well, sometimes they don't. In the bowels of the Flaming Mountain danger always awaits. The air is so hot that it makes water boil; only narrow crumbling paths allow you to cross lava lakes... and, of course, there are monsters who perceive humans as either prey, or intruders, or both! Hunters are always in demand here and they have a good chance to make a fortune rather quickly thanks to the abundance of evil beasts. That is, of course, unless all their cash is spent on resurrection...

Enemies Edit

UncommonFire Baby Firedragon
UncommonFire Dickens
UncommonFire Hellhound
UncommonFire Succubus
RareFire Cerber
RareFire Demoness
RareFire Fire Elemental
RareFire Incubus
RareFire Phoenix
RareFire Young Firedragon

Artifacts Edit

Ds item quicksilverCommon Mercury Fulminate
Ds item predators canineCommon Predator's Fang
Ds item saltpeterCommon Saltpeter
Ds item sulfurCommon Sulfur
Ds item blood chrystalUncommon Blood Crystal
Ds item foresoltUncommon Fire Salt
Ds item ritual candlesUncommon Ritual Candles
Ds item elixir of powerRare Elixir of Power

Elixir Edit

Small elixir

Map Edit


Boss Edit

Ds creature demoness preview
Lvl 10 – 20
Hp 15000 – 30000
Spd 4
Atk 7600 – 15000
Def 250 – 400
Mortal Strike
Inflicts a severe damage upon the single enemy.
20% 30000 Dmg
Cerber ×2
Ds creature cerber preview
Lvl 10 – 20
Predator Fury
Damages 3 targets.
10% (20%) 1500 – 4000 Dmg
Fire Temple of Fire
Red StonesFire CaveLast RefugePile of StonesDigger's WorkFried BaconGloomy GorgeBDark SideBMist GateBResin TorchesBSea of SparksBFlaming MountainCity of LavaFire ShattersBHot AreaBCitadel of the Seers ConclaveBHellfireEternal UniversityBDevil's RetreatHell MinesWall of FireGate of HellBSalamandra's Hiding PlaceSulfur LakesThe Palace of IfritLucifer's HeaterBFlaming TraceMuspelmheimBThe Cave of SurtrMoloch's Smithery

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