This magic root can be found only in parallel worlds. They say it exists in 12 dimensions at the same time.

Used by

UncommonChaos Orc
UncommonLight Spirit of Light
RareDark Skeleton Mage


Chaos Merry Corner (3)
Chaos Fingerhold (11)
Chaos Heavenly Reach (14)
Chaos Thornhold's Warehouse (27)
Dark Barrow Valley (3)
Dark Graves (8)
Dark Shovel and Pickaxe (12)
Dark Quiet Sepulchres (13)
Dark Dark Outpost (26)
Dark Frankenstein's Lab (27)
Light Dwarves Bridge (3)
Light Air Island (11)
Light Sunny Valley (16)
Light Fairies' City (21)
Light Ascension Pathway (27)

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