local data = {
    -- Common
["A Tuft of Feathers"] = {
		image = "feathers",
		description = "Universal thing. One can make an amulet of it or add it into the potion… And indeed one can easily dust shelves with it."
["Air Crystal"] = {
		image = "air cristal",
		description = "Only the most powerful alchemists can crystallize such an unstable element as air."
["Amanita"] = {
		image = "amanita",
		description = "It's a mushroom. It has spots. And it's poisonous. But don't you even try to prove to a witch that it's useless..."
["Ancient Bones"] = {
		image = "old bones",
		description = "These bones are so old that no one can determine their origin. They were soaked in the primordial ether which is the foundation of all matter — that's what makes them so powerful!"
["Bat Wing"] = {
		image = "bat wing",
		description = "A perfectly plain wing of a perfectly ordinary bat can prove useful even to the most experienced alchemist."
["Blade of Light"] = {
		image = "blade of light",
		description = "It's shiny like a sunbeam and any beast from hell would run in fear just at the sight of it!"
["Edge of Lies"] = {
		image = "edge of lies",
		description = "Lie would rather stand in your way than pave it. It leads to inevitable destruction. Are you ready to put up with it or to take an uncompromising stand? Be careful with this artefact — this weapon cuts both ways"
["Manatee Milk"] = {
		image = "seacow milk",
		description = "Do not ask where it came from. Just use it the way you need."
["Mercury Fulminate"] = {
		image = "quicksilver",
		description = "Dangerous explosive. Priceless source of destructive energy."
["Mirror of Souls"] = {
		image = "mirror of souls",
		description = "It is an extremely dangerous artefact that can steal the soul of any living being by imprisoning it in a chasm of mirrors."
["Plantain Leaf"] = {
		image = "leaf",
		description = "Healing properties of plantain are not in doubt."
["Poison Jar"] = {
		image = "bottle poison",
		description = "Mamba venom extract combined with a special alchemic solution produces an incredibly powerful poison which is able to knock down even a poison-resistant Troll!"
["Prayer Book"] = {
		image = "holybook",
		description = "Prayer for Strength in Weakness and Valor in meekness."
["Predator's Fang"] = {
		image = "predators canine",
		description = "This fang belonged to an ancient predator born from darkness itself, and its power comes from the deepest depths of evil."
["Quicksilver"] = {
		image = "mercury",
		description = "Fluid and elusive like a dream, venomous like envy. It's an absolute must even for a burgeoning alchemist!"
["Salt of the Earth"] = {
		image = "salt of earth",
		description = "Every living thing needs salt, because we all come from a salty ocean. It is immense power to build on."
["Saltpeter"] = {
		image = "saltpeter",
		description = "The key ingredient, absolutely essential for any alchemic laboratory."
["Sea Foam"] = {
		image = "pena",
		description = "A useful thing but it cannot be stored for a long time."
["Shovel"] = {
		image = "shovel",
		description = "This magic shovel will find and dig up treasures on its own, but only if you're able to control it!"
["Spider Web"] = {
		image = "web",
		description = "Cannon spider net is the most essential ingredient in necromancy."
["Sulfur"] = {
		image = "sulfur",
		description = '"If it smells of sulfur - the devil is right at home! - Popular wisdom."'
["Wild Strawberry"] = {
		image = "strawberry",
		description = "Berries of wild strawberries accumulate so much sun that they are able to cause allergy in any dark creatures."
	-- Uncommon
["Blob of Darkness"] = {
		image = "clot of darkness",
		description = "Even the darkness has its black spots. This blob can create distortions in time and space!"
["Blood Crystal"] = {
		image = "blood chrystal",
		description = "This ancient artefact has been holding vampires in check and protecting humans for thousands of years."
["Coral Branch"] = {
		image = "corall",
		description = "Rare treasure from the bottom of the sea."
["Demon Maggot"] = {
		image = "demons larva",
		description = "It is so tiny now, and not a demon at all, just a maggot, but it is already extremely powerful. Be careful!"
["Effluence of Passion"] = {
		image = "passion emanation",
		description = "Shiver and trembling! Laughing and sobbing! Fever and chill! These are the symptoms of all-consuming passion. Don't let it seize you!"
["Elixir of Dead Souls"] = {
		image = "elixir of ghosts",
		description = "Etheric substance consisting of emanations from dead souls can bring the dead back to life as well as kill any living creature!"
["Fern Flower"] = {
		image = "fern flower",
		description = "Mystical fern flower can favour its master with a far-seeing ability to understand animals and see hidden treasures, however deep they are buried."
["Fire Salt"] = {
		image = "foresolt",
		description = "The basis of fire elixirs and amulets. It is most often extracted while killing fire elementals."
["Flying Powder"] = {
		image = "powder of flight",
		description = "Fairies have been keeping the recipe of this powder secret for millennia, but now and then someone still manages to get a little of the substance. Even a tiny pinch is enough to lift up and soar!"
["Hurricane Gust"] = {
		image = "flurry hurricane",
		description = "Oh, the overwhelming power of the free element leaving nothing but destruction in its wake! Only a few are powerful enough to conquer it."
["Jay Egg"] = {
		image = "egg",
		description = "This is a normal egg. The only thing which displays its magic potential is its colour."
["Liquid Flame"] = {
		image = "liquid fire",
		description = "Alchemists spent centuries to discover the perfect combination of fluidity and high temperature in this matter."
["Lotus Petal Dew"] = {
		image = "lotus petals dew",
		description = "Even one drop of dew from a lotus petal contains huge power. Mind that it must be the morning dew!"
["Meretrix' Lock"] = {
		image = "whores curl",
		description = "Your potions lack in flame and passion? Add this!"
["Moon Dust"] = {
		image = "moon dust",
		description = "Dust particles steeped in magic ether have incredible power to effect time and space."
["Power of Life"] = {
		image = "life power",
		description = "Few people have ever thought about it, but life is an enormous force in itself. And this artefact can increase your inner resources manifold."
["Ritual Candles"] = {
		image = "ritual candles",
		description = "Basis of any Ceremony of Darkness."
["Sacred Relics"] = {
		image = "holy relics",
		description = "The saints of God live even after their death."
["Skull"] = {
		image = "skull",
		description = "One can make a bowl or a candle holder of it or just scare self-invited guests."
["Snapdragon"] = {
		image = "snapdragon",
		description = "A flower with a fancy mane and sharp teeth."
["Soul of Fire"] = {
		image = "soul of fire",
		description = "It's so bright and hot, and it can warm you or burn you! Use with extreme caution!"
["Spirit of the Secret"] = {
		image = "spirit of secrets",
		description = "Every living being has a guardian spirit to follow them over the course of their lives and help in all their undertakings. This will help you to meet the guardian of the Secret, and if you are worthy of it, the spirit will bring you a special gift."
["Sun Extract"] = {
		image = "extract of sun",
		description = "Sunbeams concentrated in this essence possess absolutely unbelievable energy!"
["Tongue of Flame"] = {
		image = "flame",
		description = "A living and trembling part of fire. Nothing special."
["Virgin's Tear"] = {
		image = "virgins tear",
		description = "This is an extremely rare thing. Rarity is caused by lack of suppliers."
    -- Rare
["Atlas Blood"] = {
		image = "atlas blood",
		description = "Blood remembers everything... What can be more powerful than blood, especially when it comes to the blood of an ancient creature?"
["Basilisk Eye"] = {
		image = "basilisk eye",
		description = "Not many people survived their encounter with a legendary Basilisk. Statues of the dead have served as embellishments in their dens for a long time, and the owner of magic Basilisk eyes gets their incredible power and even more!"
["Black Pearl"] = {
		image = "pearl",
		description = "One shouldn’t peer at this impenetrable darkness."
["Cadaver"] = {
		image = "bottle",
		description = "This uninviting sample preserved in alcohol serves as ingredient for many potions."
["Elixir of Power"] = {
		image = "elixir of power",
		description = "This magic substance can not only grant unlimited power, but also bend any living being to its will."
["Essence of Darkness"] = {
		image = "essence of darkness",
		description = "Essence of darkness can consume any kind of matter. Use with extreme caution!"
["Exorcist's Cross"] = {
		image = "exorcist cross",
		description = "Demons hate this little thing with all their being. It has ruined a stay in someone else's body for so many of them."
["Forbidden Knowledge"] = {
		image = "forbidden knowledge",
		description = "These rolls keep dangerous secrets."
["Grain of Happiness"] = {
		image = "grain of happiness",
		description = "You can search hundreds of sacks of grain; you can mill tons of crops... But only the most persistent ones will find this grain, and it will keep them safe on their way"
["Hippogriff Comb"] = {
		image = "hippogriff crest",
		description = "What a noble creature a hippogriff is! It can even grant you its comb, but it won't give it away just to anyone. Oh no, it won't!"
["Invisibility Potion"] = {
		image = "invisibility potion",
		description = "Nothing complex or super special. Invisibility potion — what else can be so simple and at the same time so essential?"
["Living Brain"] = {
		image = "living brain",
		description = "Eternal life breathed into a brain reveals the depths of knowledge and wisdom to the owner of this artefact. This living brain can transfer information to anyone telepathically!"
["Mandrake Root"] = {
		image = "mandrake",
		description = "This magic root can be found only in parallel worlds. They say it exists in 12 dimensions at the same time."
["Mushroom Juice"] = {
		image = "mushroomjuice",
		description = "Magic drink of shamans and berserks."
["Orb of Chaos"] = {
		image = "chaos orb",
		description = "The primordial image of the universe is reflected in the edges of this sphere — the origin of all things in existence."
["Perpetuum Mobile"] = {
		image = "perpetuum",
		description = "The name of the person who invented this mechanism wasn't preserved for posterity, but the device still goes on. An eternal source of momentum energy!"
["Piece of Shade"] = {
		image = "shadow",
		description = "Someone was in a big rush and did not notice that his shade was caught on a nail. As a result you have a piece of someone’s shade."
["Salamander Tail"] = {
		image = "salamander tail",
		description = "Dry salamander tail. Extremely liable to autoignition."
["Seraphic Feather"] = {
		image = "seraphim pen",
		description = "The real feather of Angel Wing."
["Shade of Victory"] = {
		image = "phantom of victory",
		description = "Catching it will make you feel immense strength and supremacy over the rest of the world, but it's just an illusion. To the applause of your rivals you can even feel like a king..."
["Shapeshifting Potion"] = {
		image = "polyjuice",
		description = "This potion can transform any living creature! Use with extreme caution!"
["Sparkle of Hope"] = {
		image = "flash of hope",
		description = "The less it is, the more you value it. This is the only thing that can save you in the most hopeless situation, so treasure it"
["Spirit of Fire"] = {
		image = "firespirit",
		description = "The magic essence of fire itself. When you ensure due care to it, it can become a fire elemental."
["Starlight"] = {
		image = "starlight",
		description = "Tender and flickering starlight, as light as a feather, kept gathering spark by spark over endless millennia. "
["Water of Death"] = {
		image = "potion of death",
		description = "This substance can be found only at the source of an ancient dead river. A black ferryman takes the souls of the deceased across this stream to get them to the realm of Death."
["Water of Life"] = {
		image = "potion of life",
		description = "In the heart of the most ancient forest, in the midst of green meadows lush with flowers and herbs — there springs the source of eternal life. You are extremely lucky if you get at least a few drops of this water!"
    -- Epic
["Aumakua"] = {
		image = "aumakua",
		description = "Wild people from the south believe that the owner of this amulet is able to rule sharks."
["Chalk of Destiny"] = {
		image = "destiny chalk",
		description = "Now all that's left is to decide what you would like to change about your destiny. Got it? Write it down."
["Dagon’s Sign"] = {
		image = "dagon",
		description = "Powerful, but very dangerous amulet."
["Devil’s Game"] = {
		image = "diablo machinations",
		description = "This trunk is more terrible than Pandora's box."
["Dragon Tooth"] = {
		image = "dragons tooth",
		description = "You own a legendary artefact that will forever stay indestructible and incredibly sharp. It literally fills the air around it with magic."
["Earth Bone"] = {
		image = "bone of earth",
		description = "This substance is mined in the very bottom of mountains and exceeds any known matters in solidity."
["Essence of Abyss"] = {
		image = "essence of abyss",
		description = "Is there an artefact that cannot be looked at without risk of immediately losing one's mind? Yes, there is, and you own one! Beware of the Essence of Abyss!"
["Fairies’ Wings"] = {
		image = "wings",
		description = "It is cruel to tear off the wings of fairies. Cruel, but necessary."
["Filth"] = {
		image = "filth",
		description = "Vile substance from the Depths of Hell."
["Flute of Satyr"] = {
		image = "fluit",
		description = "The one who is able to play this flute will be left unscathed by all forest beasts."
["Grace"] = {
		image = "grace",
		description = "One drop of this substance is enough to revive the dead or to clear the sinner."
["Key to Hell's Gate"] = {
		image = "demonic key",
		description = "They say that there are only a few copies of the legendary keys to Hell's Gate. The owner of these keys can bring souls back from the abyss of Hell itself!"
["Majesty Crystal"] = {
		image = "crystal of power",
		description = "This legendary and dangerous artefact can turn the most worthless creature into a great leader. It can change the course of history using its master as a tool. They say that this crystal has a mind of its own."
["Narwhal’s Tusk"] = {
		image = "narval",
		description = "Imperial scepters and rods of archimagicians are made of narwhal tusks."
["Necromancer’s Mask"] = {
		image = "mask",
		description = "Communicating with mortals, necromancers hide the grin of the skull behind the golden mask."
["Nimbus"] = {
		image = "halo",
		description = "The small gold ring of great power."
["Philosophers' Stone"] = {
		image = "philosophers stone",
		description = "People used to spend years and sell their souls to get hold of this miracle. It was dreamt of, desired, craved. Is it an illusion or a real thing? You're holding a truly legendary artefact!"
["Phoenix Feather"] = {
		image = "phoenix feather",
		description = "It's a feather of a legendary bird which obtains new life by arising from ashes. It has unique magic power of endless regeneration."
["Prometheus Blood"] = {
		image = "blood of prometeus",
		description = "Only the bravest people have the heart to climb near the enchained Titan in order to collect some drops of his precious blood."
["Pure Rage"] = {
		image = "pure angry",
		description = "Shake well before consuming."
["Raskovnik"] = {
		image = "trava",
		description = "One stem of this herb is able to pick the hardest lock."
["Rejuvenating Apple"] = {
		image = "apple",
		description = "Exotic fruit conferring eternal youth."
["Ritual Sickle"] = {
		image = "sickle",
		description = "A sickle for separating soul from body."
["Satan's Trident"] = {
		image = "satan trident",
		description = "These broken lines reflect the devil's schemes, and if you listen carefully you can hear Satan laughing!"
["Shining Void"] = {
		image = "radiance of void",
		description = "This void conceals unseen wonders. Use it to learn the power of the unknown, to perceive the frailty of life and to open mysterious horizons!"
["Solomon’s Seal"] = {
		image = "salomon ring",
		description = "Only this sign will force the demon to obey."
["Stone Heart"] = {
		image = "heart",
		description = "Essential attribute of all servants of chaos."
["Trumpets Of Jericho"] = {
		image = "trumpets of jericho",
		description = '"Voice of an Angel is capable to break walls. Strengthened by a pipe it breaks the cities."'
["Unicorn Horn"] = {
		image = "unicorn horn",
		description = "Only a few potions and decoctions can do without this artefact. Naturally, this statement is true only for real potions, but not for cheap frauds."
["Vessel of the Lich"] = {
		image = "vase",
		description = "A vessel containing the essence of a dark wizard."
["Voodoo Doll"] = {
		image = "doll",
		description = "This piece of sackcloth stuffed with hay gives considerable power to its owner."
    -- Event
["Artificial Heart"] = {
		image = "Frank heart",
		description = "Only a true evil genius can make it beat!"
["Dead Man Hand"] = {
		image = "Frank hand",
		description = "The odour lets you see that the corpse from which this hand has been cut was not quite new."
["Ribcage"] = {
		image = "Frank thorax",
		description = "These old bones would crumble to dust long ago, if not for the artefact that holds them together."
["Mechanical Brain"] = {
		image = "Frank brain",
		description = "Science and magic clasped tightly to sustain life in this piece of dead flesh. Who knows what thoughts will arise in the head that will host it?"
["Santa's Bag"] = {
		image = "christmas bag",
		description = "Famous gift bag. Is there anybody who never wanted to get it all for himself?"
["Santa's Cap"] = {
		image = "christmas hat",
		description = "Wonderful red cap. No Christmas miracle is possible without this cap."
["Christmas Bauble"] = {
		image = "christmas ball",
		description = "Delicate radiant ball that magically brings the holiday spirit."
    -- Unknown
["Dragon Egg"] = {
		image = "dragon egg",
		description = "An egg. A real honest-to-god dragon egg. Many people gave their lives to get one. Dragons won't give away their eggs for nothing, you know."
["Shimmer of Intellect"] = {
		image = "spark of reason",
		description = "There is definitely a reason why intellect is a foundation of success in any undertaking. Even the most trivial obstacles and difficulties are hard to overcome without its help. And this tiny spark can kindle the flame of wisdom and get over any hardship"
["Marsh Gilled"] = {
		image = "adonis",
		description = "The finder of this flower will meet sorrows and failures."
["Marvelous Flower Dust"] = {
		image = "wonderfulpollen",
		description = "Flower dust of magic flowers granting unprecedented power."
["A Piece of Summer"] = {
		image = "pieceofsummer",
		description = "There is a whole sunny summer day in this amber drop."
		image = "default",

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