Evolution Line Edit

Naughty Girl Evoarrow Witch Evoarrow Woodoo Witch Evoarrow Baba Yaga's Daughter

Evolution Artifacts Edit

Ds item bat wingCommon Bat Wing
Ds item demons larvaUncommon Demon Maggot
Ds item salt of earthCommon Salt of the Earth
Cost: Icon coins 3920

Gold version Edit

Ds item feathersCommon A Tuft of Feathers
Ds item eggUncommon Jay Egg
Ds item bottleRare Cadaver
Cost: Icon coins 10000

Locations Edit

Chaos Merry Corner (3)
Chaos Rooks Nest (4)
Chaos Elderich (5)
Chaos Soothsayers' Quarter (6)
Chaos Malenser (7)