Evolution Line Edit

Goblin Evoarrow Orc Evoarrow Troll Evoarrow Ogre Evoarrow Giant

Gold Evolution Artifacts Edit

Ds item dollEpic Voodoo Doll
Ds item wingsEpic Fairies' Wings
Ds item heartEpic Stone Heart
Cost: Icon coins 1,000,000

Locations Edit

Chaos Insthill (12)
Nature Circle of the Wise (12)
Chaos Showshan (13)
Fire City of Lava (13)
Nature Streaming Mountains (13)
Chaos Heavenly Reach (14)
Dark Lost Valley (14)
Fire Fire Shatters (14)
Nature Path of Life (14)
Chaos Gate of Abyss (15)
Dark Village of Deads (15)
Fire Hot Area (15)
Nature Ancient Oaks (15)
Chaos Iron Dungeon (16)
Dark Rumble of Bones (16)
Fire Citadel of the Seers Conclave (16)
Nature Far Hills (16)
Chaos Resounding Cave (17)
Dark Waste Ground (17)
Fire Hellfire (17)
Nature Mushroom Meadow (17)
Chaos Road of Losses (18)
Dark Sullen Silence (18)
Fire Eternal University (18)
Nature Pine Wood (18)
Dark Moon and Cross (19)