Portal of Souls

The Portal of Souls is used to sacrifice captured creatures' souls in order to obtain more powerful ones. Place the cards with the souls of the creatures you want to sacrifice on the altar and tap "Sacrifice" button.

Rarity Points Edit

Each rarity level is worth a certain amount of points:

Common Common creatures are worth 1 point
Uncommon Uncommon creatures are worth 5 points
Rare Rare creatures are worth 25 points
Epic Epic creatures are worth 125 points

Legendary Legendary and UniqueUnique are not usable.

Costs Edit

1 Common = 5 points
1 Uncommon = 25 points
1 Rare = 125 points
1 Epic = 625 points

Every sacrifice costs a certain number of Icon coins coins. The more souls you are about to sacrifice, the higher is the price.

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