Pvp screen

PvP Battles are fought against another player's army. They are encountered in dungeons, marked as a man in a blue coat. PvP battles will block your progress just like normal ambushes. If the passage is blocked, you can continue your progress only by challenging the player. However, a loss here will not end the mission.

Regardless of the result, all your creatures are resurrected and restored to 100% health. If victorious, you will receive Experience Points, Coins and Battle Points. A loss will result in a decrease of your Battle Points.

Rankings Edit

You can view players' positions depending on the number of Battle Points (BP) gained during a day, a week, a month or their total number using appropriate rankings.

There are five leagues:

  • Bronze Leaque - up to 5 000 battle experience points
  • Silver Leaque - 5 000-100 000 battle experience points
  • Gold Leaque - 100 000-500 000 battle experience points
  • Diamond Leaque - more than 500 000 battle experience points
  • Legendary Leaque - more than 50 000 000 battle experience points

After gaining the required number of battle experience points the player is automatically promoted to the next league.

Notifications Edit

Battle notifaction

Battle notifications

When attacked by another player, you receive an alert in your Events screen. If you win, the number of battle experience points gained is displayed. If you lose, you have an opportunity to take vengeance on the offender with your current army by tapping the Fight button. If you just tap the X, the notification is dismissed and you will lose the number of battle experience points displayed.

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