This void conceals unseen wonders. Use it to learn the power of the unknown, to perceive the frailty of life and to open mysterious horizons!

Used by

UncommonDark Ghoul


Dark Quiet Sepulchres (13)
Dark Rumble of Bones (16)
Dark Moon and Cross (19)
Dark Vampire's Crypt (20)
Dark Gloomy Valley (23)
Dark Dark Outpost (26)
Dark Frankenstein's Lab (27)
Dark Thanatos's Patrimony (28)
Dark Nilfhel (29)
Dark The Seat of Death (30)
Light Empyreal Stronghold (15)
Light Stronghold of Light (17)
Light Light Side (19)
Light Snow-Covered Tops (24)
Light Astral Limit (28)

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