Evolution Line Edit

Huntress Evoarrow Berserker Evoarrow Slayer Evoarrow Ninja

Evolution Artifacts Edit

Ds item demons larvaUncommon Demon Maggot
Ds item invisibility potionRare Invisibility Potion
Ds item destiny chalkEpic Chalk of Destiny
Cost: Icon coins 29520

Locations Edit

Light Beyond Borders (7)
Chaos Slippery Backstreet (8)
Light Beacon of the World (8)
Chaos Witches' Meadow (9)
Light True Throne (9)
Chaos Wet Ravine (10)
Light Flow of Light (10)
Chaos Fingerhold (11)
Light Air Island (11)
Chaos Insthill (12)
Light Brite (12)