Evilibrium RPG - Battle Cards strategy for iPhone01:31

Evilibrium RPG - Battle Cards strategy for iPhone

The story takes place in a wonderful and enigmatic world called Mystland. It is a tough place to live because demons from Inferno are constantly infiltrating this world. The balance between the two worlds is guarded by the Supreme Spellcasters, and the secret Order of Hunters protects people from demon attacks. Thanks to their ability to subdue the souls of defeated demons, Hunters can control different beasts and resist the Forces of Evil.

The protagonist's parents were killed under mysterious circumstances and he is going to find their murderer and discover the true cause of their death with the help of encrypted notes he got from his late father. Following the trade of his father, the protagonist has also become a member of the Order of Hunters. Using the power of captured creatures' souls, he sets out on a journey across the lands of Mystland, a journey full of dangers and incredible adventures.

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