Evolution Line Edit

Goblin Evoarrow Orc Evoarrow Troll Evoarrow Ogre Evoarrow Giant

Evolution Artifacts Edit

Ds item flash of hopeRare Sparkle of Hope
Ds item dragons toothEpic Dragon Tooth
Ds item perpetuumRare Perpetuum Mobile
Ds item powder of flightUncommon Flying Powder

Cost: Icon coins 40000

Gold version Edit

Ds item flash of hopeRare Sparkle of Hope
Ds item bottleRare Cadaver
Ds item heartEpic Stone Heart
Cost: Icon coins 100,000

Locations Edit

Nature Magic Meadow (7)
Chaos Slippery Backstreet (8)
Nature Thicket (8)
Chaos Witches' Meadow (9)
Dark White Scull (9)
Nature High Grass (9)
Chaos Wet Ravine (10)
Dark Cemetery Lane (10)
Nature Grove of the Ancients (10)
Chaos Fingerhold (11)
Dark Bag of Bones (11)
Nature Shady Alleys (11)
Chaos Insthill (12)
Nature Circle of the Wise (12)
Nature Streaming Mountains (13)

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