Aristocratic lifestyle involves plenty of conspiracies that can often end in the death of anyone plotting a part. And when it comes to succession to the throne, the basic rule states that "there can be only one". In order to spare dear relatives from untimely grief, the youngest prince of the ruling family fled Malenser and settled down in the hottest city in Mistland - believing that he wouldn't have to fear approach from his pale kinsfolk under the blazing sun. With the help of his liegemen he seized power in the city and called it True Throne. Nowadays he is absorbed in searching for allies invested in any kind of power. In the meantime, the city is drowning in total anarchy.

Enemies Edit

RareLight Archangel
RareLight Blue Bird
RareLight Fairy
RareFire Fire Elemental
RareNature King Cobra
RareFire Phoenix
RareChaos Slayer
RareLight Sorcerer

Artifacts Edit

Ds item bottle poisonCommon Poison Jar
Ds item clot of darknessUncommon Blob of Darkness
Ds item spirit of secretsUncommon Spirit of the Secret
Ds item starlightRare Starlight

Map Edit


Light Citadel of Light
On the HorizonSunny MeadowDwarves BridgeThornholdBStairway to HeavenElysiumBeyond BordersBeacon of the WorldBTrue ThroneFlow of LightAir IslandBriteBLight GuardiansAnarvilleBEmpyreal StrongholdSunny ValleyBStronghold of LightForces of LifeBLight SideAngels TempleBFairies' CityStronghold of HolinessChamber of the RighteousSnow-Covered TopsThe Seat of ElvesFirmamentBAscension PathwayAstral LimitThe Heavenly SpheresEmpyrean

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