Evolution Line Edit

Wolf Evoarrow King Wolf Evoarrow Werewolf Evoarrow Upuaut Evoarrow Anubis

Evolution Artifacts Edit

Ds item potion of deathRare Water of Death
Ds item essence of darknessRare Essence of Darkness
Ds item crystal of powerEpic Majesty Crystal
Cost: Icon coins 28640

Gold version Edit

Ds item starlightRare Starlight
Ds item hippogriff crestRare Hippogriff Comb
Ds item fluitEpic Flute of Satyr
Cost: Icon coins 100,000

Locations Edit

Nature Magic Meadow (7)
Nature Thicket (8)
Nature Ancient Oaks (15)
Nature Far Hills (16)
Nature Mushroom Meadow (17)
Nature Pine Wood (18)
Nature Tenacious Branches (19)
Nature Nightingale Grove (20)
Nature Home of Forest Spirits (22)
Nature Beech Grove (23)
Nature Traces of Claws (25)
Nature Last Hope (26)

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