Evolution Line Edit

Naughty Girl Evoarrow Witch Evoarrow Woodoo Witch Evoarrow Baba Yaga's Daughter

Evolution Artifacts Edit

Ds item essence of darknessRare Essence of Darkness
Ds item whores curlUncommon Meretrix' Lock
Ds item passion emanationUncommon Effluence of Passion
Cost: Icon coins 28640

Gold version Edit

Ds item elixir of powerRare Elixir of Power
Ds item potion of deathRare Water of Death
Ds item satan tridentEpic Satan's Trident
Cost: Icon coins 100,000

Locations Edit

Chaos Slippery Backstreet (8)
Chaos Witches' Meadow (9)
Dark White Scull (9)
Chaos Wet Ravine (10)
Dark Cemetery Lane (10)
Chaos Fingerhold (11)
Dark Bag of Bones (11)
Chaos Insthill (12)